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Peel Off easy open Lids


In the past cans could only be opened by mechanical means like can openers. More recently innovative designs of closures
EASY PEEL OF LIDS (EPOL) are making a big difference in the ease of opening a can for the consumers. Today the can has taken a quantum leap forward with Easy-Peel-Off-Lids (EPOLs) giving this pack form new opportunities for optimum convenience and refreshing the appearance. By not having to use the can opener the consumer is also offered a much safer and easy way of opening the can.

It demonstrates that new closure is capable of growing the market and of driving the business. It is not just a substitution for added service for the consumer, but becomes a marketing tool that gives real added value to the product packed.

With an EPOL we can make the can appealing and can generate interest in the can. By refreshing the appearance of the can with EPOL, the image of the product that is packed in the EPOL containers can get enhanced. EPOL can convey freshness and thus it opens the market for a whole new range of products. New ways of containing and preserving food safely and securely which have always been a challenge to the packaging industry. In order to attract the consumers, convenience of opening a can will play a major role which is exhibited in the Peel of Lid.

Another critical factor for growth of the can is the cost of it. Considering the advantage of the Peel of lid can consumer does not mind switching over to it though it will be a substitution market and not a new market.

Customer by and large is looking at the image of the package which in turn will induce the customer to go in for the goods packed in it. Brand is all important.

This New closure (EPOL) has the potential to enhance the image of the can. Today, the EPOL is all set to unlock the potential of the can and all its benefits for the consumer and parties in the supply chain, conveying the message of quality and freshness.
The first experience that consumers have of packaging is when they see the can and the second is when they open it. In today's
world, the ease of opening any package is extremely important to the consumer and is crucial in achieving a positive view of the
brand. Looking at the can from this view point, a real convenient closure such as Easy Peel Off lid can work wonders with the
appearance of the can and give it a fresher look.

Peel of Lid can have one more added advantage that one can put the hand upto the bottom of the can without hurting the hand as the edges are rounded and made smooth unlike in the conventional end or easy open end or RLT (ring lid tagger) closures where the edges are sharp.


  • These closures make the can easier to open and more appealing to the consumer.
  • Offer brand owners an exiting new tool to attract and satisfy consumes.
  • Easy open End is a good example of the added value that closure can give to a can.
  • It demonstrates that a new closure is capable of growing the market and of driving the business.
  • It is not just a substitution for added service for the consumer. It becomes a marketing tool that gives real added value.
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Size Available : 101 (99mm) & 603 (153mm)

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