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2 pc drawn food can 
2 pc drawn pesticide & chemical can 
2 pc drawn paint can 
Brake oil metal can with plastic inner liner & induction seal plastic cap 
2 pc drawn ink can 
Easy open ends/Peel off easy open lids 
Fancy & decorative can 
Components & closures for metal cans 
Alluminium - collapsible tubes/cans/bottles 
Printed and coated metal sheets   Petrox Group of Companies
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2 PC Drawn Ink Can

A drawn & redrawn, stackable, conical, two piece container for filling / packaging of printing inks.

Being manufactured in India by Petrox – a pioneer in the manufacture of industrial & Consumer Packaging Products, on machinery imported from Europe, using the latest Technology currently adopted worldwide, ideally suited for vaccum packed printing inks.

Salient Features :-

  • No skin formation on ink layer
  • Tamper & Leak proof
  • Longer shelf life of inks
  • Aesthetic looks
  • Stackable
  • Saves storage space
  • Saves Transport freight
  • International Size & Design

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